Lumière (Light) is a major character of my new project “Ombre et Lumière”.
At the time of writing these lines, he’s featured in 3 tracks : “Lumière”, “Recréer le Monde”, “Eclipse”.
It’s an idea that came to me some years ago, that inspired me to create this project. I’ve become convinced that we all have two sides within us. Just like day and night, sun and moon, there are Light and Shadow.
I wanted to personify these sides with masks, as the ancient Greeks did in their tragedies, personifying various aspects of human nature or elements of life. So I asked my mother to have fun and create some masks !

Lumière is a positive, naive character.

“I am Light and I love life
There is not a single thing
In this world, before my eyes
That I don’t like, cause I am Light”

He’s an utopian, he wishes everyone could live in balance and harmony (“Recréer le Monde”). Yet he’s not immune to doubt or to the threat of Shadow.

But behind the apparent naiveté of his message, it is question of heighten awareness about philosophical issues like living together, happiness, mental health, patience, hope and so on…

“I try to hold on, I try to keep my pace
but I have my own weaknesses”

The mask is here to symbolize Lumière’s candor, with a bright white color. It will continue to evolve, as will this exciting musical journey !

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