Hello readers,
this is my first post after the summer break, and to start with, let me show you my summer project.
For a long time, I wanted to set up a space for my singing practice, which would allow me not only to practice with a lower sound impact, but also to record cleaner vocal parts.
Recent vocal developments in my projects, and the skills I’d like to improve, convince me that it was time to go for that !


I chose a place in the apartment, that was used as a laundry/storage. I emptied the room, refreshed the paintings and started to arrange it. I should specify that this project was a modest one, my goal was only to lessen the resonance, to reduce the sound impact.

I started with painting the ceiling white.

As I am a tenant, I had to find a compromise between a good looking room and the ease of disassembly.

Then the idea was to use acoustic fabric to treat the reverberation. I had to fix it like curtains, for that I used the water pipes for one wall and I completed the three other sides with curtain rods. Then I hung the fabric with hooks.

For the floor, my first idea was to create a false floor with a wooden shelf, placed on rubber support. But finally I opted for simplicity and I just placed a rubber mat (gym-yoga style) and covered it with other stylish mats.

I placed a small table for the laptop, which is linked to my home-studio computer, 2 rooms away, via the local network.
I added a green plant, and I’ll hang a tapestry for decoration purpose.

The result is clean, sober, there is enough space to stand and for all needed equipment. But above all, the resonance is significantly reduced (this was a major problem in my home studio, wild, due to concrete building).
I can’t wait to try this new environment with my next tracks !