This begins to explore my musical “career”, a labyrinthine one, or should I rather say a “rich” one, as it is more gratifying !
A piece of a biography, even though I’m not after that because finally, our view is never fixed, nor is our life, and we could update this point of view and interpretation over and over.

As you are aware, I’m currently working at re-releasing an album from 2010-2011. Videos are out each week to make you discover this work, and I’m writing this blog post to place this album in the right context.

I started music when I was a child, with percussion and drums. But it’s in 2003 that everything became more serious : guitar, composition, becoming an all-rounder. Since then, I used to play alternatively the acoustic and the electric guitar. I was searching my way but above all, I was playing for the pleasure, following my desires and inspiration. I didn’t care about a specific instrument. Or should I say that I was composing with the acoustic, and dreaming of being in a band at the electric, with drums and all to play together.

I was a lot into rock and metal, that’s where my inspiration was.

Until 2007-2008, where folk music and my connection to nature raised in me the desire to explore acoustic sounds.Pochette finale3-2
So I launched a new project and took a nickname : Rune. I started to work on a first album called “Les Chroniques de Wonar”, mixing acoustic sounds with orchestral touches, telling a fantastic and epic story. From 2008, I went on stage, I used loops to create percussion patterns and also choirs. These choirs were kind of a trademark, in a way. Beside “Les Chroniques”, I had a lot of tracks reserved to live gigs, or newly composed in 2009 and 2010. I wanted to record them, to gather them in an album, and try something new compared to “Les Chroniques”, willing now to record like a concert, instinctively and directly. It’s how “Of Different Skies” was born. And it allowed me to do more dates with these songs.

That phase went from 2008 to 2012, when I decided to stop this project. I remember that, at that time, I had accumulated a lot of frustration caused by the difficulty to win an audience (it’s still the case today !), and I felt the desire to bring my music closer to what I made in my studio, in the background. Indeed, the tip of the iceberg was Rune, but the hidden part was that I was always creating and recording ideas with the electric guitar. Rune was a concrete project, ready to be exposed, but in the background, I was still functioning like I always did since 2003 : always creating, mixing sounds.

In 2012, I started the next project called After R. Projects. R standing for Rune. And it was a new step with the electric guitar ! You know what happened next…