That was my first solo performance ever !
It was a bit crazy to get started just like this, with a very special setting, and a musical project that was special too. It was a folk music project, not really fashionable, it was personal and experimental.
I performed for the Music Day in Armentières (north of France), 2008.
I went into this with all the enthusiasm of my youth !

And it started with problems ! Technical issues have prevented me from using all the equipment that I planned to use.
I brought some drum elements to play percussion in order to increase the epic side of my tracks. And for the spectacular side too. This stuff is visible at my right on the video.
To make it possible, I had a second microphone. But during the soundchecks, there was a lot of feedback, the mics picked the sound of the speaker system, and the loop pedal made this problem worse, looping the feedback again and again, it was clearly unmanageable !

live 21 06 2008

So, I changed my method, after a deliberation time that put some delay in the evening plans. I decided to use only one mic for both the guitar (classical, not plugged) and the voice. For the percussion, I hit the guitar’s body, I had to readjust the microphone’s position to whether pick up the sound of the guitar or my vocals.


I used a loop pedal (loopstation) to create instrumental layers, it allowed me to play fully arranged songs, just being alone !

On this day, for the first time, I heard my voice and music resonate in the air, throughout the place, it was both impressing and intimidating.
Of course, I was very nervous, I never sang in public, it was a real challenge, some notes were high pitched, the tracks were recent, I had little confidence and nothing to hold on to.

For a long time, I keep these recordings for myself, I only watched them 2 times, actually. (in more than 10 years !) I didn’t assume.
Finally, it’s not that bad and I can share it with you today.

This sharing is all the more important because the song I share with you is part of the album actually undergoing remixing, “Of Different Skies”. Another blog post will tell you more about the lyrics soon.
Enjoy !