Today, let’s write something that suits this blog’s title : “what’s behind the music”.
For that, I picked up three books from my personal library to share them with you, for you to explore what’s behind the music, my music.

Actually, I have a compulsive tendency to collect books.
Whether I find rare books, that I consider treasures or valuable books for my tastes ; or I find books that will complete topics I’m interested in.
These topics have evolved over time. What is interesting, is that it followed my inspiration, serving music.
So I first collected books about legends, local history,… I loved fantasy too, and I explored it through comics of novels. Then I discovered buddhism in 2013, and this subject overtook the others, I fed my interest by reading a lot.
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The three books that I present you today are very different from each others.


The first one is a classic of French poetry : Verlaine and his “Poèmes Saturniens”, followed by “Fêtes Galantes”. Words of melancholy, introspection, conteFrédéric_Bazille_-_Paul_Verlainemplation. Nature, seasons, feelings, everything is depicted in a rather inspiring manner, aesthetic, lyrical. Beautiful.



Memory, memory, what do you want from me ? I remember
autumn made the thrush fly through the lifeless air,
and the sun launched a monotonous ray where
the north wind exploded in a woo growing yellower.


My second choice is a curiosity. Der Nibelunge Nôt. I never read it because it is written in middle high germanSiegfrieds_Abschied I bought it for its singularity, and because it is the Song of the Nibelungs, a Middle Ages story that inspired me during my Rune era.




Alsô sprach dô Hagene: “ich wil des wol verjehen,
swie ich Sîvrîden nimmer habe gesehen,
sô wil ich wol gelouben, swie eß dar umbe stât,
daß eß sî der recke; der dprt sô hêrliche, gât.

Finally, a more recent acquisition, that I like a lot. It contributes to my learning buddhist and zen philosophies.
The diamond sutra. A sutra is a teaching, written in sanskrit, that passed on from generation to generation in the himalayan and sino-japanese tradition.
Very inspiring yet challenging, its content aims to make us realise the elusive and fleeting nature of things, be them material or spiritual.


800px-JingangjingAs a lamp, a cataract, a star in space
An illusion, a dewdrop, a bubble
A dream, a cloud, a flash of lightening
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My library has many other treasures that you may discover later in other posts.
What about you, what treasures are in your bookshelf ?