Revisiting some old work is an opportunity to review one’s inner evolution, the state of mind of a person at different stages of his/her life.
And this is the case for me right now, especially because I’m thinking about the ideal way of presenting myself to the world as an artist, I mean, how I can describe my “art” while covering all the sides it has featured so far.

Because, first I’m into a lot of various things, both in terms of music practice (guitar, keyboard, voice, drums, production, etc…) and in terms of inspiration and style (acoustic, rock, metal, world music, electro,…).

So, let’s explore together this journey started in 2003, from a specific perspective : the things I believed/believe in.


1 – I started playing music as a means of expressing my emotions. Quickly, melodies and texts, very emotional and introspective, were like a mirror of my mental universe. This phase lasted from 2003 to 2006. And I would call it romantic, introspective, melancholic. Love and feelings.

2 – As of 2006, I rather put the emphasis on nature and the relation between man and nature. It lasted until 2013. I would call it pagan, natural, acoustic,…

3 – Finally, from 2013 until now, my mental universe has focused on believing in bliss, inner freedom, peace and calm. This coincides with my discovery of Buddhism and my increasing interest in zen.

So, successively, I believed in the power of human feelings, then in man and nature, and finally in inner freedom.
The common point of all this, is that I always believed in something : my inner universe has always been focused on something greater, higher.
Like a will to get free from ourselves, coinciding with a deeper universe, an emancipation which expresses our whole being.

And you, what do you believe in ?

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