Just a few days before I launch Act II of my project Ombre et Lumière, I think it’s a good idea to discuss this with you !
So, what can you expect from this second part of this original work ?

To start with, a quick reminder about the project.
Ombre et Lumière (Shadow and Light), started this year, in the spring. It allows me to express the contrasts of our personalities, which I believe are stuck between moments of joy and other periods more cloudy.

pochette inner quests


This project succeeds Inner Quests, which was an inner search, both in terms of music (writing melodies without any limits) and in terms of spirituality (the main idea was to create music to uplift the soul).


I decided to tell this new musical story, this new audio exploration, with acts and scenes, adding a theatral  side to the experience. Because actually, characters are embodying our ideas and thoughts through masks.

lumière pochette

Act I was dedicated to Lumière. Act II will make appear Ombre.
I’m going to bring some changes in the music atmospheres, and the naivete behind the lyrics, the ideas which were very positive, utopic and ideal will leave some space for contrasts, darkness, doubts, melancholic and nocturnal ambiances.

The first melodies are ready, and the the first track is going to be published on Friday.

I can’t wait to share all this with you !