This is the 5th track of the project Ombre et Lumière.
I call it “Act I, scène 5 – Union”.

In the air, we sense the end of an era
Melancholy in the atmosphere
Yet there were times when we dreamed
So strong, that it went beyond life

I think people crave existence
They’re seeking to create more links
They’d like to forget all meaningless things
To be free, friends on the same path

So we went visiting the ruins
To find a place where we can meet
We went through paths bordered with wisteria trees
This is where we’ll all be the same

We hung lanterns to create our space
We ensured people feel comfortable
We’ll be left with lasting memories
It’s going to be like our garden

The spirit of the fire and sun
Speaking with one voice
Same essence, same sky
Our souls in fusion

I lit a big fire, began to dance
The magic of the flames and light
A crazy energy was spinning to the beat
A communion with the universe

We formed a big circle together
To celebrate the beauty of life
It is so good to share good vibes
“From your mind to my mind”

The spirit of the fire and the sun
Feeling fully united
Same essence, same sky
Our souls in fusion

Comment :
I wanted to end this cycle (Act I) on a high.
So I wrote some lyrics about the character Lumière. From the start, the idea has been to bring some magic, tribal, mysticism to it.
That’s how I work around the theme of union. Like a sacred union. Lumière wants to gather his people around his own ideals.
I used the words fire, sun, spirit, sky, fusion, soul, essence, mind… so many words to describe this special, somewhat spiritual atmosphere.

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