This is the 4th track released for the project “Ombre et Lumière”.
It is called Act I, scene 4 – Eclipse”.

the eclipse, that moment when everything goes dark
the night falls, the light fades away
nature is at rest, people are afraid
the elders thought it was the end of the world
intervention of the divine
but to me, it’s a sign that he’s here

I try to hold on, I try to keep my pace
but I have my own weaknesses
even though, the future is uncertain
I try to stay positive

and I wait for more
favourable skies

the wind in the trees, the birds singing
the sun has risen once again
isn’t the day full of hope ?
didn’t I tell you that I was Light ?
that I wanted to give the sun back its splendour
because all looks lifeless, in sepia colours

and I wait for more
favourable skies

Comment :
Before writing the lyrics for this song, I knew I wanted to raise doubt into Lumière’s mind. He can now sense Ombre, like a shadow above his head.
The previous track “Recréer le Monde” featured very positive, naive, utopian view of the world going on in Lumière’s head, so it was about time to bring some flaws in this idyllic universe.
I used the metaphor of the eclipse, an emotionally, spiritually charged event, when the light of the sun darkens for a little while.
Here, we discover Lumière having doubts, struggling to fight his own demons, trying “to stay positive”. But he is wise, he knows the tide turns at some point.
The last paragraph ends on a positive note. When it was the eclipse, everyone could see the world in sepia colours, Lumière finds it lacks depth, he finds it lifeless. But the “sun has risen once again !

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