“Life is a Theatre” is the first song of the project “Ombre et Lumière”.
It starts Act I.

did you ever crash down the stairs
to discover what’s happening outside
as if something were missing right here
we’re looking forward to moving on
life is an ancient greek theatre play
like watching the scene unfold
just find a bench where you can contemplate
a play between joy and sadness

we want to believe in our ideals
we want to make the best of this day
we’d like to make the right choices
we want to be in harmony

clouds are far away now
they left a rain on the lush grass
spring is starting, a soothing melancholy
we sit down and watch
an ancient greek theatre play

Comment :
This is the first lyrics for Ombre et Lumière. I think they are slightly different from the ones which followed. At the beginning, I had a vision of this project : I wanted it to feature a lot of elements from the Greco-Roman period. And here is why :
I wanted to depict life like a theatre play. If you observe well, you can see that life is full of little scenes, either it is comedy, or tragedy. We also can say that we often wear social masks. And remember, Ombre et Lumière is a project where 2 characters personify both our bright and dark sides.
Basically, the lyrics are about someone who is missing out on something in his life : he wants to observe, to be a part of this whole movement of life. And, all he can notice is that life really is a theatre play. People want to do their best, there are highs and lows, joy and sadness, lessons to be learned. And when the storm is away, it’s time to be calm, quiet, and enjoy the simple moments, to observe the wonderful, sometimes intimidating movement of life.
The song was a mean to start this project, an invitation to sit and be an observer. There gonna be a play between strong entities here !

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